Stickmen Toys

A collection of 5,000 audio-visual digital collectibles for Warner Records UK


Develop an exciting Web 3 concept for Warner Records signed duo, The Stickmen Project. The concept had to be imaginative and fresh and feature music or audio. But our biggest challenge was to make sure the final concept was both meaningful and pioneering.


We got to work doing our research on The Stickmen Project, dreaming up all the cool things we could do. Turned on by collectible toy culture and inspired by our love for electronic music, fashion and 90s kids TV, we came up with a collection of 5,000 audio-visual NFTs, which we dubbed Stickmen Toys. Using Kapsule Studios custom built technology, we were able to map 42 audio stems produced by The Stickmen Project to over 250 3D visual layers to randomly generate 5,000 unique characters and audio tracks.

With the imaginative and fresh boxes ticked, and the music element added, the final challenge was to make sure Warner Records were doing something meaningful. After lots of brainstorming and talks with their team, the idea came about that they would be the first major label to give away IP rights to the lucky collectors of Stickmen Toys. This meant that anyone who got their hands on one of the toys wouldn't just own the visual art, they would also own the audio to commercialise however they liked. A pioneering move from a global brand whose business is predominantly rights ownership. Not only that, a brand partnership with audio giants, Bose helped to propel Stickmen Toys to the forefront of the Web 3 space.


• 56,000 new fans across Twitter & Discord

• $2M+ trade volume in 7 days

• 105 ETH generated in creator royalties in first month

• 50+ press articles including HYPEBEAST, Billboard and Coindesk

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