The Soul of the South Pacific


Develop an arts and music conference event that will be hosted at Baba Beach Club and Sri Panwa in Phuket, Thailand. The event must attract a global audience, putting emerging Asian talent in the spotlight and also include a Web 3 element in the customer experience.


For this project, we decided it was best to come up with a name and work backwards. We fell in love with SPMAX (South Pacific Music and Art Expo) which we branded as 'The Soul of the South Pacific'. Taking place in 2023, SPMAX will be a celebration of music, art, food and culture and fuse emerging and established Asian talent with some of the world's most recognised names. As one of 50 new curators on Nifty Gateway's new Publishers platform, we're adding a Web 3 element to the event by commissioning 5 artists to design the tickets and curating a drop so guests have the option to purchase their ticket as a digital artwork. Any tickets purchased on Nifty Gateway will be allocated exclusive utility including VIP access to night time parties, a private omakase dining experience at Sri Panwa's world famous, Iki and tons of other incredible rewards dreamt up by the team. This will be a first of it's kind event with an exciting and unique opportunity for all guests.

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